Fan Bing Bing, Kim Jung Hoon Joins Lee Seung Hyun’s Newest Drama

With Lee Seung Hyun as one of the main leads in TV drama ??????????, good news arose that two big stars from China and Korea will be joining the drama.

Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing and popular Kim Jung Hoon from Goong will join the production team for "Angel". The production team disclosed that Kim Jung Hoon and Fan Bing Bing will have exciting scenes with the drama’s leads. This time, male lead Lee Seung Hyun, will have a chance to act with Kim Jung Hoon, who originally debuted as a singer. There were also reports saying that once the drama starts filming, Fan Bing Bing will have a beach scene with Lee Seung Hyun. As one of the Korean actor in the drama, Lee Seung Hyun is anticipating Kim Jung Hoon’s apperance in this Chinese-Korean drama.

Kim Jung Hoon is currently preparing for the release of his Japanese album. Between the tight schedule in Korea and Japan, he is willing to take some time to visit Qingdao to film his guest apperance in the drama. This opportunity is definately a positive direction for Kim Jung Hoon to enter the Chinese industry.

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