Fala rumored “Most Improved Female Artist” and “Best Supporting Actress” awards

Fala Chen appeared at a Lancel promotional event yesterday along with 2 R, Race and Rosanne Wong.

Due to Stephen Chan’s favoritism over Fala, she was rumored to win the “Most Improved Female Artist” and “Best Supporting Actress” awards at the TVB anniversary.

Since this was Fala’s first year in getting nominated, she would be happy even if she didn’t receive any awards.

“I don’t have confidence in winning since my competitors are too strong! Award results depend on TVB and the audience’s votes. Since the results are beyond my control, it counts as long as I put in my best efforts.”

Due to Fala’s recent popularity, she received many endorsement offers. With her increased income, Fala hopes to buy a big house for her father in the USA.

2 R, Rosanne and Race Wong, were also at the event. After seeing Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse’s son’s photo, Rosanne wants to become a mother and produce a soccer team. Rosanne considered marrying a Caucasian husband; the only requirement is that her partner speaks Chinese.

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