Fala Chen’s Poor Cantonese Results in Laughter

Fala Chen was the MC at an event promoting Nokia’s N76 cellular phone. Her alluring eyes and magnetism outshone models Lynn Hung Doi Lam, Ana R. and Cathy Chow Man Kei. Fala was extremely popular with the media, but Lynn and Ana also snagged attention with their sexy outfits. However, Cathy’s wattage was lower in comparison and thus posed outlandishly for photographs.

Fala’s Cantonese was heavily accented, mutating “yan sheung” (admire) into “yin sheung” and “hop fat” (legal) into “hop fan” (box of rice), resulting in much humor at the event.

Earlier this week, there was a massacre at Virginia Tech University in the USA, where student, Cho Seung Ho, shot 33 people on campus. Fala and Ana R. both resided in the USA previously and were shocked by the news.

Fala said, “I have never handled any guns, although I have seen others on a hunting trip and I have visited a gun shop. My high school in the USA was very unsafe. Some students owned guns in order to protect their family members. I was quite frightened.”

Ana R. indicated that her school had a metal detector, prohibiting students from bringing weapons on campus. Ana’s father, who worked in the army, nearly had a crossfire when a stranger tried to enter the government’s top secret sites.

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