Fahrenheit Warns Fans of Wild Actions: Less Visits to HK

Taiwanese boy band FAHRENHEIT stormed through Hong Kong two nights ago. This was not the first time that Fahrenheit has experienced their fans’ warmness and enthusiasm. Together they said that they are quite frightened from their wild actions and they wish for their fans to calm down. They also sent them a warning, stating that if they do not stop these actions it will prevent more future chances of them coming to Hong Kong. From early afternoon at the aiport where over 100 fans were waiting for them; to the 14 vans chasing them to their hotel; to the dangerous risks of climbing to rooftops and fainting fans at Times Square, and to their Wild Day Out mini concert where over 1,000 fans appeared at the venue, fans were uncontrollable. Because of the confusion and chaos the concert had to end early. Fahrenheit sighed and said that it was unfortunate.

Two nights ago Fahrenheit went to Hard Rock Cafe to hold their Wild Day Out mini concert. Once they appeared on stage over 1,000 fans screamed. All they did was pushing the crowd more toward the stage to have a closer glimpse of Fahrenheit. Even the metal gate that was surrounding the stage was kicked down. After singing two songs the hosts had to pause the concert and told fans to settle down before Fahrenheit could continue to sing their next songs. There were also some fans who could not stand the stuffy environment and fainted. After about 15 minutes the concert continued, but Fahrenheit only sang two more songs and left.

No One Comes to the Rescue

Fahrenheit sighed and said that it was very unfortunate for the mini concert to end so soon. WANG DONG CHENG (Jiro Wang) said that originally they were suppose to play games with the fans and also sing with them, to interact with them more. Each of the members were also organized to sing one Cantonese song in their own. However because of the uncontrollable fans these activities had to be canceled. They also saw some fans beginning to not feel well and were crying for help but because most of the other fans were screaming too loud they could not hear them. They sighed, saying that they were very anticipated for this chance to interact with their Hong Kong fans for they knew that the concert tickets were very expensive. They said that it was very unfortunate for it to end like this.

Yesterday they accepted a radio interview. CHEN YI RU (Calvin Chen) said that Hong Kong fans are too impulsive. There has been fans skipping classes, getting injured, car crashes, etc, and he hopes for them to calm down. He also pointed out that their company is really cautious and careful with their fans’ motives and their company also warned fans that if anything similar happens again, they will cut some future visits to Hong Kong. Therefore fans must abide to the rules.

Runs Through Restricted Section to Avoid Fans

After their concert last night Fahrenheit decided to take a different route to get to their hotel to avoid their fans. They sat in a 24 seat van and they were safely escorted back. Yesterday morning when they were back at the aiport to take an early ride back to Taiwan, the air hostesses immediately went to Fahrenheit’s vans and requested them to check the counter work in their van to prevent a huge mob in the airport. After the checking the vans immediately went through the restricted section of the airport to prevent fans from chasing them. Fans who were at the airport lobby were very disappointed that they could not meet their idols.

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