Fahrenheit take their own sweet time; Delays Flight

Hongkong Media Reveals: Fahrenheit take their own sweet time, Delays Flight

Popular group, Fahrenheit, went to Guangzhou, China, for promotion of their new endorsement last Wednesday, 9th May. They transit at Hong Kong. They took their own sweet time to board the plane, thus, delaying the flight. Many passengers were unhappy about it!

Cam-whoring on board, forget passengers who have been waiting for them on board

According to Hong Kong magazine, “Dong Fang Xin Di” (Oriental Sunday), the quadruplet transit in Hong Kong to Guangzhou. Their flight is at 10:20am. They did not arrive at the boarding gate 40 minutes before flight departure & ignored the repeated reminders. They were inside the VIP room. After several reminders by the ground crew, Fahrenheit board the “electric cars” to the boarding gate only 10 minutes before departure.

The 4 of them caused a tumult on their way to the boarding gate. They took out their cameras & started cam-whoring, forgetting about the passengers who have been waiting for them in the plane.

Change seats, Flight delayed for 15 minutes.

Many passengers were unhappy. Some even flared up & starting scolding in Cantonese. By the time they board the plane, all the good seats were taken up. One of the members, Calvin Chen, had to sit beside a stranger. Their personal assistant request for a change of seats & the flight was delayed for 15 minutes.

Jiro: Wore cap & shades to the boarding gate

Their flight the next day is at 9:30am but they only check in 15 minutes before departure. Jiro wore his shades & cap to the boarding gate. He was stopped by the customs, who requested him to take them off. He was embarrassed.

Over at the cabin, the flight attendants were speaking in Cantonese & explaining to the passengers that because there are 4 passengers who have not board the plane, the flight will be delayed.

Fahrenheit board the plane only at 9:40 a.m, much to the dismay of the other passengers.

Manager: Not sure what happened as she is not at the scene.

Fahrenheit’s manager, Chen Hui Ying, mentioned that she did not follow Fahrenheit on their Guangzhou trip, thus, she is not sure as to what exactly happened.

She said: “If there is a flight delay, they will tell me, but no one mentioned anything to me.”

She will not comment as she is not at the scene.

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