Fahrenheit Is Too Popular; Fans Have Their Privileges Limited

Taiwanese boyband, FAHRENHEIT’s popularity in Mainland China is lately increasing in an alarming rate. Days ago fans of Fahrenheit in the recording studio had been almost uncontrollable, and had caused a dispute between the host, GAO LING FENG, as well as the editor of the TV program. Last week when Fahrenheit performed in the Sprite Awards in Chengdu, a fan suddently ran up to them and tried to kiss CHEN YI RU (Calvin Chen), causing more chaos. This had made Fahrenheit’s record company, HIM, to be extremely disappointed and decided to set some rules for their fans.

A while ago, two cars from some Fahrenheit fans crashed because they were trying to chase after Fahrenheit’s van. Luckily no one was hurt. To prevent more accidents, their record company declared to the fans to not chase after Fahrenheit’s van anymore. Similarly to their seniors, S.H.E, the company requested their fans to not give them presents. The company had been extremely strict with this law. If there was a fan who managed to dump his or her present into their van, the present will be immediately brought to charitable organizations, and will not be brought back to Taiwan.

Mainland China fans are extremely smart in finding where there idol is, even if the idol is in a hotel. There was one event where WU ZUN came out from the front door of a hotel and saw many fans waiting for him outside. Fahrenheit’s company stated, that fans do have the right to live in the hotel, but they are requested to not knock on every door to find them, because this can really disrupt others’ privacies. Also, the company requested fans to not visit them at the airport when they depart.

HIM, the record company, is extremely grateful of the support fans give to Fahrenheit, but if it gets too crazy, it will give a negative impact to Fahrenheit, and they wish for their fans to have some self-control.

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