Fahrenheit fight to take 1st class ride on ship

Peng was worried that the hacker will do harm to Andy as he think Andy is a man with good manner, although there is nothing being discussed in his e-mail exchange with Andy but hackers hacked into personal e-mail accounts makes one angry. He said: “I will hold onto my rights to act against the hackers, meanwhile I urge all artistes to take note and protect themselves in the Internet.”

Earlier, Fahrenheit came to Hong Kong to attend Disneyland’s Summer Party, and played all kinds of games in the Park. At the cartoon drawing room, under the guidance of the instructor, Fahrenheit drew their beloved Mickey. They were all in awe and full of praises of their own works, and laughed that each is actually very talented in arts, they only need more practice, they could become Disney’s Cartoon Workshop’s Instructor anytime. Jiro and Arron who had been to Disneyland for the third time even said that they are going to draw a few more pieces, and give them to family, friends and fans. After that, they went to play the roller coaster and even tried to snatch for the first seat of the ‘shop’, in the end, Wu Zun and Jiro won, and experienced the exhilarating sense of speed.

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