Fahrenheit Autograph session

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Fahrenheit Autograph session meet raining and the event got to be cancelled……The fans did not leave the place and keep put still at the event place

On 28 August noon, suddenly had a sudden heavy rain pour, made the celebrity’s event in a mess, Fahrenheit’s event got to be hold on….

Yesterday 28 August , Fahrenheit went to Xi Men Ding for their spokes product to hold an autograph session event, the game only play unitl half way, then suddenly it came a heavy rain pour, seeing the fans all being drench wet, they do not bear to hide at shelter tent stage to rest, even though it include Hong kong’s fans that also did not want to leave the event place, in the end still cannot outcome the rain, the event hold on to half way, then had to shrift to the side of stairs to hold this autograph session, all the fans’s autograph items that was meant to be signed on to it is all wet..

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