F4 members to set up individual fan clubs

Regarding setting up of individual fanclubs

Thank you for everyone’s support for F4. This time, Vanness, Ken and Vic will set up their own individual fanclubs. Including Jerry, with their own personal fanclubs up, F4ever’s official site will stop all paying members services on the December 2007. We sincerely aplogise to those who supports the members of F4. If you can support the newly done up fanclub of Vanness, Ken and Vic, it is out honor. Other than that, Jerry, Vanness, Ken and Vic will continue to have events as a group, please continue to support the unchanged F4.

F4ever members will be able to use the services during the time dated and still be able to login to Vanness, Ken and Vic’s official site.

* The news this time will be posted in the 5th issue of the fanclubs magazine.

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