F4 Holds Press Conference in Japan

Japanese TV channels had been continuously reporting the Taiwanese Idol stars F4 since their arrival in Tokyo last night. However, F4’s stop in Japan is only the first wave of their Tourism endorsing, for which it will be followed by a fan gathering in April at the Taiwan University gym. As of now, there are already many Korean and Japanese fans who are beginning to sign up, afraid they might not have slots left when others come in, adding to the heat of the "China Wave".

At the airport, Jerry said that the April 22 fan gathering in Taiwan is a chance for F4 to get together again after a long time, and hopes that everyone could come and see if F4 has improved. Vic said" Ken laugghed at me when he saw my short hair and said I looked like Sun Wu Kong. Vanness wished that fans could come to the concert and see me dance. I may monkey-dance." Sources who revealed said that their performance will be considerably rich and brilliant. If they will do it in Japan, they can even do 6 shows. However, the purpose of their trip today is to promote Taiwan tourism. Target is to attract at least 5000 Korean and Japanese tourist fans to come to Taiwan. That is why this time, they will hold it in Taiwan.

Even a 58-year old fan who lives in the mountains of Tokyo already signed up for the fan gathering, said she never been in Taiwan and would do all means to get tickets just to see F4’s rare reunion.

Ken is deeply touched by the warm reception and orderliness of fans at the airport. Last time he came to Japan, the crowd was not that big. IN HK, crowding of fans caused some to be hurt. At the plane he saw a thunder and he got worried he might not see everyone but then they safely arrived and felt happy to see everyone.

Jerry said " Every time I go to Japan, I notice that fans are very active and happy. I worry for everyone’s safety so after I come out, we all try to move quickly as possible. But I wish I can have much time to go slower so I can get in touch with everyone." Among the 4, Vic was the first to move away to the airport exit. Hearing a two-thousand stong crowd screaming "F4 F4", he was the first to wave his hands and seen the excitement in the fans’ faces. Because his hair is much shorter now, some fans didn’t recognize him at once. He joked," When I came out of the country, my hair is still longer, but when the thunder stroke, it became shorter." Japanese media who are fairly aware on F4’s fame, asked the four on the project. Ken said that the Aprill 22 concert is the first wave. Besides the advertisements, there are also the photoshoots and other events. He said that at present he is resting and will come up with a movie or maybe a CD. Vanness revealed that he would release his second solo album soon and also has just set up a production firm.

Vic mentioned that he had recently been making a movie and will be shown this year. Also he would soon release a Japanese anime adapted TV serial " Delicious Relationship" as well as his 3rd solo album, wishing he could promote it successfully this year.

Jerry said that this year he might start on his solo album. For a TV serial, he was then pretty choosy, but now he hopes he could come up with many projects.

It looks like that these tall, talented and handsome Taiwanese TV serial leading men, compared to these short Japanese actors, the outstanding one is visibly evident, much less falling behind the Taiwanese male artists.

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