F4 Fan Meeting, International Media Interview in Taiwan

F4 will hold a Fan Meeting for Japanese and Korean fans on April 22

This coming Taiwan tourism travel schedule is really very well-planned! F4 will hold a Fan Meeting for their Japanese and Korean fans on the 22nd, and sponsor Superdome even guarantees that not only will they get to see F4, but get the chance to also feel the hands and arms of F4. as fans warmly looks forward and loves to hold them.

Future international media interview in Taiwan

Superdome’s person-in-charge in planning the Fan meeting said that this is a high-standard fan meeting event. All in all, there would be 80 Japanese who would be coming over for interview, well-known daily newspapers like Yomiuri Shimbun and Asahi Shimbun sent people to cover the event, and even BBC World sent their foreign correspondents for interview.

In order to let 4000 Japanese and Korean fans feel at home, there will be 80 tour buses that will shuttle fans arriving in Taiwan to the venue site at the National Taiwan University Gym on that day. Simultaneously, about 200 staff and receptionists speaking Chinese, Japanese and Korean would guide guests throughout the event.

Superdome expressed that to overcome the language barrier, fans and F4 will play games that will allow the 4 idols to touch hands and arms and interact with the fans. Asked what kind of hand and arms games, they just revealed that the winner will get to hug his favorite F4.

Related Products Bazaar to sell F4’s aggressive charms

According to the event objectives, Taiwan, Southeast Asian, Hong Kong, China, etc. fans cannot attend the fan meeting. However, there would still be several hundred fans outside the venue to cheer on. In order to satisfy these fans outside the venue, sponsors had set up a bazaar of F4 related goods including Tshirts, wall hangers, postcards, posters and many more.

Even if F4 was reunited just for Taiwan’s aggressive tourism, yet the 4 are still difficult to discreetly compare in terms of strength, as the related goods sold are only individual items and no F4 group items. That is why among F4, on who would sell the most related goods, the results will be known on that same day.

Fans assert their struggle for leadership

In order to support their own idol, fans already began to assert their power. According to reports, Jerry Yan fans will use a sea of flowers tactic throughout the venue. At present, they have already collected 35 huge flower baskets, and the Tourism Office has also assigned conspicuous places across the venue for these flowers to be displayed. As to other F3 fans, they are also carrying out a slogan plan to support their own idols.

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