F4 Endorsing For Tourist Bureau Project , Ge Fu Hong Confirmed that Jerry Yan Has Signed The Contract

For the project of F4’s endorsing TW in Japan and Korea for Tourist Bureau, there was rumor that one of the endorsers, Yan Cheng Xu, kept refusing to sign the contract, and led to the project being on hold for 3 months. Yesterday, Ge Fu Hong, who successfully bid the project, confirmed personally that she has already got Yan Cheng Xu’s endorsement contract. Yan Cheng Xu even promised that any time as long as Ge Jei wants, even he is requested to play a passerby in the drama, he won’t have a problem.

Yan Cheng Xu won’t participate in Tourist Bureau’s idol drama, the general public have pointed the finger at Yan Cheng Xu blaming him for not being cooperative. This hurt "Little Rabbit’s" (Jerry) feelings. Ge Fu Hong said, "When we planned the idol drama at the beginning, Jerry was never expected to be part of it. It is really not fair to put the blame on him." Feeling sorry for her ‘favorite’ being misunderstood, Ge Fu Hong further exlaborated. Yan Cheng Xu couldn’t participate in the drama due to scheduling problem, but he promised to participate in a series of upcoming international and domestic endorsement activites, and talent fee is not a problem at all.

After F4 became popular, Yan Cheng Xu established his team STAR JERRY. Although he has no management contract with Fu Long, the mutual understanding still maintains. Ge Fu Hong disclosed, because of this Tourist Bureau project, F4 have even communicated in private and they will try their best to collaborate.

Regarding the blame of Yan Cheng Xu’s not willing to sign the contract, Ge Fu Hong said, "That’s because Jerry was busy at endorsing for World Vision in different places. He has signed the contract with us once he returned."

It is planned for F4 to have press conferences in Japan and Korea by early March, and the idol drama will start filming in April. Both sides were planned to meet today, but Tourist Bureau postponed the meeting to next Monday. Ge Fu Hong said, F4’s Tourist Bureau endorsement project is hugh and it concerns TW’s international image. It can’t be failed. Recently, she has headache to just arrange schedule for overseas media reporting. Luckily, "the 4 boys" are very supportive, and this is the one thing she feels very pleased about.

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