F4 Drama Update

Korean Drama Da Chang Jin (Jewel in the Palace) has made South Korea increase its tourism, making them earn a lot from money spent by tourist, this has stimulated the interest of the Communications group of the Tourism Board, they have now decided to follow the example of the Koreans, for this endeavor they will be spending NT$85 million and sought F4 idol group for this project. They will use the sceneries of Taiwan as the backdrop of the new drama project. The plan is to have this broadcasted in Japan and South Korea, it is their hope that this project will entice overseas tourist to come and see the sights of Taiwan.

Follow the example of the Korean Dramas! Idol dramas have promoted Taiwan sceneries, Winter Sonata, Da Chang Jin, these dramas have been very popular and have helped pushed them to be hot. We can not belittle the use of idol dramas, there have been studies in this and the domestic tourism board prepared a follow up, they are prepared to spend NT$85 million to film an idol drama and help push Taiwan in the international arena to advance to the Japan and South Korean market. They will be using the idol group F4.

At present the tentative outline for the drama would be

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