F4 Asian Fans Arrives: Marching down to chase their stars in the “All-idol scenic spots”,

In their own intense taxi ride for a speedy tour of Taiwan, the Tourism Bureau acted on first batch of fans who arrived in Taiwan, those coming from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore, and then armed with a map, from the hotel they took the taxi to the press conference, and still wanted to visit places including the TV networks, and also the idol drama filming locations.

Sitting on the grounds, fans from the Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and even Singapore, smashed money to fly across the seas to go to Taiwan to watch their idol, and fans were very motivated.

Japanese fan clubs were still in their self-made ID numbers as they pulled out their maps and said that they wanted to go to the TV network, but the press conference location could not be announced. The idol drama filming sites were out of the main streets, but they also wanted to go to all these places, not just a few sites, in a taxi, instead of walking. A Japanese fan: ” I can go everywhere in all other places, in the very many sites like Meteor Garden.”

Upon coming to Taiwan, they were just in time to catch up on Vanness’ new album launching press conference, in their impromptu Taiwan travel schedule for the first batch of foreign fans, who all came to Taiwan for their idols. A Thai fan: “It’s my first time to come to Taiwan.” Reporter: “Do you think it’s worth it to come for your idol?” Thai Fan: “Of course!” Japanese fan: “I can now see my idol and hear him sing his new song, I’m very happy.”

The first batch of happy Taiwan visitors arrived last Thursday. F4 really unleashed their charms, and came out with a travel stigma, as fans find ways on how to go to their idols, they must march on “pa pa zou” (JK: is this crawling?) in chasing their stars.

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