“Exquisite Beauty” Spotlight

Cast (unconfirmed): Ada Choi, Bernice Liu, Shirley Yeung, Joyce Koi Ming Fai, Anne Heung, Joe Ma, Mary Hon Ma Lei, Natalie Tong, Astrid Chan

In the World of "Dream of the Red Chamber," Women Rule

In the sales presentation clip, Joyce Koi Ming Fai plays the male lead character Jia Bao Yu. Playing male characters onscreen has been a career trademark for Joyce. Ada Choi assumes the role of Wang Hsi Feng, while Joe Ma Tak Chung is the only male featured, causing him to stand out among a sea of beauties.

Selling Point:

TVB’s version of "Dream of the Red Chamber" will focus on the most controversial character in the novel, Wang Hsi Feng. She is an extremely calculative and manipulative character and through her eyes, we will see the true side of human strengths, weaknesses, and emotions.

Plot Synopsis:

The character of Wang Hsi Feng handles matters in the Jia household very meticulously and orderly, gaining the favor of Grandmother Jia, but also commands fear from those beneath her.

Outwardly, Wang appears to come from a cultivated background and manages matters efficiently, upholding half of the operations of the Jia mansion. However behind her glorious exterior are many ugly secrets.

Wang’s greatest accomplishment in life was not being absorbed by love and romantic sentiments, but rather using her best efforts to uphold the Jia mansion’s extravagant lifestyle. As the Jia family’s fortunes turn sour, how will Wang’s life and destiny be impacted?

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