Exercise during pregnancy?

Was doing some searching to understand more on do’s and don’t upon knowing the result from pregnancy test (via test kit). It’s probably not 100% accurate using the kit but it’s an indication for next stage of confirmation which is prenatal doctor appointment for further testing. However, before one would have chance to visit the doctor, one would probably wondering if the usual morning exercise (jogging) is advisable.

I’m keeping a note here to share with those who finds it useful later:

You can do exercises that involve lying flat on your back before the end of the first trimester. In the second and third trimester, these exercises should be avoided as lying in this position will reduce blood flow to your baby.

Activities to encourage
Stationary cycling
Low-impact aerobics
Activities to discourage
Contact sports (increased risk of abdominal trauma)
Hockey (field and ice)
High-risk sports (increased potential for falls/trauma)
Horseback riding
Skiing (snow and water)
Hang gliding
Vigorous racquet sports
Weight lifting
Scuba diving

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