Evonne’s Hsu’s New Album – Said to be Like “Dancing Diva”,

Releasing a new album, Evonne Hsu today met with fans for an autograph session. She wore a silk costume and performed live for new single "??????" (Shi Shui She Shan Shen Miao), which has a very Arabic feeling, and media has said it sounds a lot like Jolin Tsai’s "Dancing Diva".

Enteratiner Evonne Hsu: "I think the feelings [between the two songs] is different, because I think this song, when you hear it, you might feel like it’s something Jay Chou would write, becuase I think it has a very Jay Chou feeling. I think that the tempo is very heavy, and it’s a very mysterious song. So I hope that everyone can stop thinking so much and I hope that everyone can just support my new album."

Also accused that her and rumored boyfriend faked a breakup to get some news going, lets Evonne comment on this situation.

Evonne: "My relationship with Xiao Dao is actually the same, we’re just very good friends. Now that he is my record company boss, and now I don’t see him as often because of the problems with work. We’re all too busy, and he’s filming, but sometimes he’ll come over and care about us, but I’m still just ‘someone else’. Actually, when we’re filming for the MV or something, he’ll try to show up. So I appreciate him a lot, and even if I don’t see him as often, that’s okay, we’re still good friends."

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