Evonne Hsu Forced to Quit Dancing

Taiwan pop singer Evonne Hsu, in her 30s, has been hospitalized for her debilitating waist injury that might imply a premature end to her more-than-a-decade-long dancing career.

Taiwan media reports Evonne Hsu wailed after being told by the doctor that she will have to quit dancing after the operation.

Evonne Hsu or Xu Huixin had learned ballet from 12 years old. Hsu grew up with a strong affection for dancing, and even dreamed of becoming a professional dancer with the renowned traveling circus, Cirque du Soleil (Circus of the Sun). Evonne Hsu’s graceful dancing can be seen in the MV of her song “Gu Dan Ba Lei” or Lonely Ballet, which won her overnight fame.

Her waist injury first came from a car accident when she was studying in the college. The violent daily dance exercises have exacerbated the situation. And the old injury reoccurred in April.

Hsu’s boyfriend and her younger sister have been comforting her throughout this latest bout of surgery

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