Esther Kwan is Contented with Daughter and Does not Yearn Awards

Esther Kwan has returned to TVB recently, filming for the new sitcom "Best Selling Secrets" (previously referred to as ‘Hot Sweet and Sour’) and although it has been a while since she has filmed in Hong Kong, she is still pulling in the viewers and is on a par with any of the current leading ladies. However, Esther has no intentions of fighting for awards with the others because she has her daughter and this is all she needs.

Since leaving TVB, Esther has been making some real money on the mainland and after making enough, she set her sights on becoming a mother. She says frankly that she has not really been paying much attention to TVB’s news, but she does know that there are plenty of newcomers, so when she returned to TVB, she often mistakes people’s names.

As for the rumours and gossip about the ladies who fight and negotiate awards, for Esther who was the first ‘Best Actress’ anniversary award winner, she has her own point of view: "For the awards to go to managed artistes is inevitable because if you want to keep people, then you have to make them happy. When money is no longer attractive enough, then you have to show something else as a negotiating tool. It’s all about agreement."

Asked if she is interested in fighting with the other leading ladies for awards after her return, Esther immediately laughs: "I am over all that now! My husband and my daughter are my awards! What I seek now is a role, but I know that a lot of things are beyond my control." After her return, Esther is showing a happier side of her than before and she indicates that all her happiness has been gained from her daughter. Having a child is truly all that she needs!

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