Esther Kwan, Gigi Lai, Kevin Cheng, Ron Ng, & Sunny Chan at Press Conference

Esther Kwan’s "housewife" image gave people a fright.

Gigi Lai’s Figure Bursting from Shirt; Esther Kwan’s "Housewife" Get-Up Disappoints

A special press conference was held to promote TVB’s March 12th airing of 3 new series, "Colleague Relationships," "War and Destiny," and "Life Art."

Both Myolie Wu and Leila Tong could not appear at the conference yesterday and only left male leads Ron Ng and Sunny Chan to attend. Leila was in Beijing filming "The Last Princess," while Myolie was in Langzhou for some charity work, representing OXFAM.

"Colleague Relationships" was represented by Esther Kwan, who wore a company-sponsored top and bead studded-jeans. Esther did not purposely dress up for the press conference. "In the past, I did not wear my privately sponsored clothes nor prepared special outfits for events. After having my daughter, I am used to wearing practical and functional clothes."

As for Gigi Lai, she wore Celine’s newest collection and a Cartier watch. The white top that Gigi wore made her chest stand out. "My outfit today was sponsored. Since I am sponsored by numerous clothing brands, I don’t have to buy a lot of clothes on my own. I am only lacking a lingerie sponsor!"

Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow’s partnership was highly popular among fans; was Kevin worried that his partnership with Gigi will not be as well received?

"I can not always work with the same partner forever. I have put in my best efforts in the performance. Whether our partnership is well-received is dependent on the audience’s taste.

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