Esther Kwan Feeds her Daughter Birds Nest Every Day,

Following her contract in 2004, Esther Kwan has signed another sponsorship deal with a bird’s nest company. On the day of the shoot, she was arranged to work with a baby girl in order to tie in with her motherly image. Esther was very patient to play with the baby who often cried and asked if she has the same patience with her own daughter, she says: “Yes, I have studied it for very long to work out exactly why she is crying. (How about Nick?) He looks after safety more, so he will not let her get cold.”

Esther has a habit of eating birds nest and her 15-month-old daughter has her share as well. “Children just need a small spoonful per day and this will help their immune system in the future.” Asked if the sponsors have asked her to shoot ads as a family, she says: “Yes, but I will not accept. Children will become emotional and I don’t know what I would do if we couldn’t film.”

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