Eric Suen Yiu Wai Emerges at the Top this summer

If we want to talk about the first singer who succeeds to “emerge” this summer, probably it is not Leo Koo who sings “Money Money Money Money”, Eason Chan (“Elimination”) or Hacken Lee (“Where have the flowers gone?”). It is Eric Suen Yiu Wai whom we have missed for many years. In recent years, he had been concentrating on filming teleplays in the Mainland. He has not released any Cantonese album for nine years. Under the arrangement of Go East Music, his new boss, he released 《So Far So Close》(New+ Best Selection) which includes ten new Cantonese songs, nine old songs recorded during the period when he was in BMG and “Zai Jian Yi Shi Lian Ren” (“We Would Still Be Lovers When We Meet Again”), his duet song with Che Wan Wan.

Frankly speaking, the writer does not have deep impression of the development of Eric in the singing field in earlier years. I only recall that he used to be the idol of many of my friends in those years. I remember his first plug song when he first joined this field, “I Know You Are Waiting For Me”, “Love Story Part One” which made him spring to fame and “Love Story Part 2–I Wish He Can Cherish You” which was once extremely popular. Although my impression is not deep, I am not surprised that he can be well accepted by the audience after he has returned to this field. After all, Eric has a handsome appearance and a good voice. It is very convincing for him to render love songs. Moreover a few of his plug songs were always popular in karaoke rooms in the past years. Don Lee and Mandy Chiang strived to sing the revised version of “Love Story Part One” last year. Naturally it would arouse the interest of fans on this senior singer. In addition, although Eric has not appeared in the singing field for many years, he is still young.. His returning to the stage of course can attract the support of a large group of old fans. Hence his album can sell over 10,000 copies in a short period and becomes the focus of attention. This also reflects his personal charisma.

Let me go back to the original topic! 《So Far So Close》includes ten new songs. Most of the songs are produced by Ronald Ng and Leung Wing Chun. Most of the products are general ballads. Some of them carry a different music style. Frankly speaking, this album does not sell freshness. Both the lyrics and the melodies are pleasant to hear. Slow sentimental songs which are pleasant to hear for a long time are most attractive. It aims at enabling fans to pick up the fun and the sense of touch when they heard karaoke love songs in earlier years. Really, the standard of these products is not bad. It is much better than ordinary ballads. Its plug songs dispatched to radio stations also attract the attention of fans. As a matter of fact, since Eric has not released any new album for many years, the songs which are arranged by the record company are mainly general songs. It is a safe act which is easy to be understood. Moreover the performance of Eric who has not sung for so many years is also good. His voice is pleasant to hear. His rendition of gentleness and emotions are satisfactory. The words are clear and natural. If he can try a different musical style next time, maybe his performance would be much more outstanding.

“Si Qian Lian Hou”, the first plug song, is a general ballad The melody is smooth and easy to remember. The lyrics are poignant. The song arrangement is touching. It will be a type which fans like. The performance of the singer is not bad. He brings out the emotions in the song successfully and the effect is very clear. The melody of the main part of “Love Declaration” (“Lian Ai Xuan Yan”) is more pleasant to hear. It has sweet lyrics and it is good that the singer can render the song by getting involved in the role deeply. No doubt it is quite a “numb” ballad. “Yong Yuan Bao Hu Ni” (“Protect You Forever”) is the representative product of a new good man The lyrics are sweet but not heavy. Picture after picture showing our life details appear in front of us vividly. In the local singing field where we can only find songs talking about self-torture, breaking up and hysterics, such a positive ballad is very rare. The music style of “Miao Sha” (“Killing In A Second”)is very outstanding in the ablum and this attempt is not bad. The rendition of the singer is better than what we expect. The other songs, “Ai Ta Yin Wei Ai Ni” )(“I Love Her Because I Love You”) and “Yi Ge Ren Di Hao Chu” (“The Advantages Of Being Alone”) are worth to listen.

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