English Words Appear Once Again in TVB Ancient Drama

After the laughs caused by the English words that appeared in "Ten Brothers", viewers have noted another example of English creeping into ancient costume drama in "Devils Disciple". In the scene where Wayne Lai and Bosco Wong have a discussion, Wayne has a line that includes the English word ’round’ in it. Netizens have even uploaded the clip in question onto the Youtube website.

"Devil’s Disciple" was filmed last year and has not been aired in Hong Kong yet. The show’s producer Lau Ka Ho responds saying: "It is very surprising! I never imagined that the overseas distributed VCD’s will return to Hong Kong. Netizens uploading clips to the net is illegal and they are infringing our copyright. We heard the line in question and the word ’round’ is actually ‘waan’ (curve) and the two words sound very similar so it is easy to misinterpret it."

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