ELVA Compares 4 Stylish Male with Length ~ Stanley Shocked Looking Down: I’m Shortest

Elva Hsiao in the past has collaborated with Hong Kong & Taiwan’s 4 Big Males; Wang Li Xing (Stanley), Daniel Wu, Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) and Edison Chen; never thought in Elva’s eye, all 4’s biggest difference is actually [Length is different]!

Begging Busily to Explain

Elva and Stanley are busy working together in mainland for a McDonald’s commercial, Stanley heard Elva said the four of them’s difference was length, shocked with a wide mouth dropping, lowered his heading looking down, Elva new instantly the words that came out was the wrong info, quickly trying to explain: [I’m talking about hair length!] Yearly with a buzz cut; Stanley loves to joke and continues: [God, I’m the shortest…] teasing Elva she begs: [That’s not what I mean!]

ELVA supplemented: [STANLEY is the composer type of guy, Daniel is the full of rich charming, Xiao Zhu’s affinity is the best, and Edison has his own strong personality.

Chosen Hottest Singer

Once in the same company Elva and Stanley have know each other for a long time, the two have been rumoured, but they have never worked together formally. Earlier, mainland McDonald’s did a research, the 2 had been voted hottest male and female singers. Coupling them together as the spokesperson for their spicey flavoured burger. The salary was fair, also over million dollars with 7 digit amounts chinese yuan. Even though the 2 are spicey king and queen, within the commercial there is no preparation of any hot scenes, but a healthy dance routine, as dance king and queen.

Dreams Testing Dance Skills Not Fulfilled

Elva reveals, he’s heard Stanely’s dance skills is strong, has wanted to personally ask him to go dancing to see how good he is, never thought each time going out it’s not Stanely but his older brother Jeff (Wang Li Cheng), Stanley is at home playing video games, as a home guy, Stanley heard and answered: [I really don’t like going out!]

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