Ella Koon Kissed by Stranger on Stage

In celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Ella Koon co-hosted a music concert by Metro Radio Station with another DJ. Ella was suddenly sexually assaulted on stage by a male fan. Her record company immediately called the police and this person was taken to the station for further investigation. During the show, a 24-year old young man dressed in black was sitting in the front row with some of Jill Vidal’s fans. When the host invited him on stage, he said he wanted to declare his love for a girl. The host asked if she is here tonight but he didn’t say so he was asked to leave the stage. Suddenly, he grabbed Ella’s neck and forced a kiss on her. Ella was shocked and did not know how to react. The host and the security immediately tried to get him off Ella. She was very scared and her assistant tried to comfort her. Ella said she never saw it coming and stated what he did was sexual assault. She continued to state that she hesitated to call the police at first because it could ruin the young man’s future. However, after further consideration, she said if she didn’t call the police, this person can possibly do the same thing to other female artist.

Cable news also just reported this. Here is link to the clip!! WHAT A CREEP!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7kabICV7wc

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