Ella Koon is Center of Attention @ Event

Ella Koon yesterday attended an event wearing a tube top, causing her to be in the centre of attention. Ella, who has been busy filming the sequel to ‘Survivor’s Law’ disclosed that she has been filming till very late everyday. When asked if she has decreased her time attending shows, Ella replied, “I like filming series now. I have also got to know the cast and crew well.”

As Ella plays the role of Kwok Fung’s (郭鋒) daughter in the series, reporters asked if she has heard the rumours of Toby Leung and Michael Miu. The quick minded Ella immediately replied that she did not know which caused her to then be asked if she has held hands with Kwok Fong after filming. When hearing this, Ella retorted, “Do not think like that! He is with Queenie Chu (朱慧敏). Everyday I go home after filming to sleep and after sleeping I go to work. (Do you have any precautions?) Do I have to have precautions?)

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