Ella Destined with Dogs, Seeing-Eye Dog Wants to Follow Home

Ella commemorating her dog [Qiang Qiang], is going to be donating the proceeds from her single, yesterday she was visiting a school for training seeing-eye dogs for the blind, she has a strong fate with the dogs, they were at her side not wanting to let her go, there was even one that was so attached it wanted to go home with her.

S.H.E. sang the chinese version’s main track for the movie [Quill] with Migrant Birds, already aware of seeing-eye dogs, for the sake of her late dog Qiang Qiang, Ella visited the training school for the seeing-eye dog. She said: [I’ve heard, when a dog is sick or pasts away, it is a sign for replacing harm for their owners, I could listen and I could believe, Qiang Qiang doing this for me, so at this point I really want to help other dogs.

The seeing-eye dog training center is not easy, when Ella arrived, there was 3 dogs being trained at moment, there was also another dog that couldn’t become a seeing-eye dog because it was afraid of thundering. The dogs must have been able to smell her dog loving scent, all surrounded her. Usually the training center doesn’t give dog treats, yesterday with the exception of the starlet visiting they broke the rules, having each dog sit obediently infront of Ella waiting for to give them the treat.

One of the Golden Retriever’s is famous for good looking, nicknamed [Prince Bruce], usually he’s dignified and disciplined, but yesterday from the beginning to end he hid by Ella, tagging round her legs, and rolling around her. During the photo shoot, Prince Bruce kept licking Ella, almost causing man and dog frenching; scaring Ella to scream.

When Ella was leaving, Prince Bruce actually went back to its bed and made a huge face showing it’s innocent eyes [take me away], Ella laughed loudly: [Ayo, so cute, really want to take you home, we only met for the first time and wanting me to take you home, isn’t that too easy?]

Ella’s commemorating song for [Qiang Qiang] same song name, will be donating all proceeds to the Stray Animal Home, a singing and signing function will be held on the 26th at K Mall, she welcomes fans to bring their dogs to enjoy.

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