Eli Si buys stuffed lamb for XuWeiLun, WeiLun appears in dream

Angel XuWeiLun passed away, leaving her good friends. Eli Si (施易男), her co-star in “Sun’s Daughter” was greatly affected by the death of his good friend, and even had thoughts about quitting the industry. It wasn’t until when he and the other crew went to New Zealand for filming that he thought it through, became better. During his stay in New Zealand, he brought a lamb teddy bear to give to WeiLun, but because he’s been busy with filming, he has forgotten about it. His assistant said she dreamt of WeiLun laughing at Eli, asking him for her lamb.

WeiLun’s death has had a great impact on Eli, and thanks to the short outing to New Zealand, he thought through many things. “I bought a lamb stuffed animal for WeiLun because she loves lambs. When I saw the white stuffed animal, I thought it was perfect for her.”

Eli has been busy with work lately that he has forgotten about the gift he got for his good friend; it was still left at his assistants. His assistant said that a few days ago, WeiLun appeared in her dream, asking for her souvenir. “She was laughing and joking to with my assistant, asking her if New Zealand was fun, did we bring back anything for her.” Talking about his good friend, Eli’s eyes began to water. “When my assistant told me the next day, I was stunned.”

Upon hearing that, Eli and his assistant visited XuMaMa the next day, bringing along the lamb. When XuMaMa heard about it, she asked “Was WeiLun pretty? How was she?” When hearing that her daughter was still as beautiful, XuMaMa finally let out a smile. “She is still the same, will ask for things from others. Knowing that she is good and beautiful, that is good.” Ever since WeiLun’s death, Eli has been very depressed, extremely unhappy. “Without her, how can everything to back to normal? I want to quit.” He hopes that WeiLun is well, hoping that she knows that she will not be forgotten.

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