Electronic Foot Callus Dead skin removal

Been eyeing this electronic product ever since I saw it in Home-Fix at 1utama. There is this sales assistant that does the demo on customers who are interested with the product to try it. My mum tried it out and it did removes the dead skin. According to the sales assistant that attended us, it is advisable to remove the dead skin before applying any moisturiser as it helps in absorbing the moisturiser easier. Theoretically I think that makes sense.
Electric_foot_callus_remover (1)
They are selling it as a package and it cost between rm150-rm200. Not trying to make impromptu decision, I didnt buy it. Then scouting around the net, I found one similar product, shown in the pictures on top, selling at Alibaba. I was hoping there are sellers locally so I could probably get 1 at a cheaper rate but to no avail. Then, day after day, I forgot about it.

Till yesterday, I saw there is another similar product selling in AEON, Jaya Jusco. The price tagged almost similar to the one selling in Home-Fix and I think I will wait till I get a better bargain. I guess this gadget is making a hit now since there’s another seller offering it. FYI, the price for the item selling in ALIBABA costed US5.6-US5.80 per set which roughly brings it to RM20 a set! Compare that with the lowest rate I could recall from Home-Fix or AEON, it’s still rm130 difference! That’s ridiculously huge. I’m giving it a hold till the price is lower or when I need it urgently 😛

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