Ekin Finally Admits Romance With Yoyo

Ekin Cheng celebrated his birthday earlier and invited his friends for a hotpot meal. Rumoured girlfriend Yoyo Mung arrived with champagne and cake to share his day with him and this made him very happy. As she had to work that night, she took time out especially to join him at around 7:50 pm and left to go back to work at 9:20 pm.

As Yoyo left, the press asked if she had taken 2 hours off to attend Ekin’s celebration. She indicated that she happened to have some free time and did not take it intentionally. Asked if she will be celebrating again with Ekin in private, she says she has to go back to work so she will not see him again. Did she make the cake herself? She smiled in response and when asked if she would be spending mid-autumn with Ekin, she remained silent and continued smiling.

After Yoyo left, Ekin and his friends continued the celebration and as he left afterwards, he was smiling happily as the press asked him why he was so pleased. He replied without hesitation: "I am happy and it feels so sweet." Asked what gifts he has received, he said: "Hats and clothes. (From whom?) From Sandy [Lam – Ekin’s manager and mentor]." Asked what Yoyo gave him, at first he replied nothing, but when he was reminded about the cake by the reporters, Ekin admitted that Yoyo made him a cake and bought him a bottle of red wine.

As Ekin had previously described his relationship with Yoyo as ‘developing’, he was asked if there had been any further developments and he admitted that development was stable. As for whether they will have a private celebration, Ekin says they will not because Yoyo has to work and he has many other friends.

Asked if he was very touched, Ekin smiles that he was somewhat. Asked if Yoyo had given him a goodbye kiss, Ekin responded with a ‘Ha?’ before saying he had kisses from Sandy’s daughters. Pushed for an answer about a kiss from Yoyo, Ekin pretended not to understand and avoided the question. As the reporters continued to press, asking Ekin if he has plans to start a family soon, he said: "So soon? Don’t talk about it! (Nic and Cecilia arranged everything very quickly?) They do it fast, I will let nature take its course."

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