Ekin Cheng’s Never Known Story

Ekin has always been dedicated to his work in the entertainment circle. Although he has made many TV series and movies most people remember him for his portrayal of Chan Huo Nam in the Young and Dangerous series. In recent years Ekin’s visibility has been less. Although his style of work has been low key, but his continuous traveling and his publicized breakup from former girlfriend Gigi Leung has kept his name in front of people.

In the past he had promised in front of the media to take care of Maggie Sui for life but later they broke up. Since that time he has learned to be clever, when dealing with the media, he will never again be totally honest with them about his feelings. Currently he is dating Yoyo Mung, however he is very closed concerning his feelings for her.

On December 2nd FoShan TV station will tell some never before known Ekin stories. The first story concerns Ekin’s excessive activity. He likes to play and has been described as resembling a big kid. Ekin explained saying that when he was young the financial situation of his family was not good, so he didn’t possess any toys. Now however I have the economic capability to buy whatever and as many electronic games as I wish. I consider this to be compensation for a childhood without such things.

Even though his family financial situation was not good they nevertheless gave him a feeling of simple peace and happiness. The family all together of course were content and satisfied. Ekin has often honestly said that his middle school years were the most agonizing, because his grades were not good. In addition I had to sit and not move. To sit the whole day in classes was like a punishment. I think I must have an "excessive activity disease". Now parents and teachers are able to show some understanding for children who are excessively active, but when I was at school the opinion then was that this child, me, was just to naughty to teach. So I only wanted to graduate and leave school as soon as possible so I could make money to help support the family.

The second story is when Ekin participated in the rising star singing contest. After he joined the TVB training course. Actually it was William So who inspired me. My classmates and I all unanimously agreed that we should try to emulate him. As a result ten of us take part in the singing competition. Finally even though I didn’t win it allowed TVB to recognize me. They called me to come and try for a place on the training course. At first things didn’t go well as he was in the ancient drama acrobatic fighting course. Despite not doing well he persisted for three months. Then he went to earn money at some other kind of work. Who knew that again the opportunity to join a training course would present itself. I decided to try again.

The third story concerns Ekin’s love life. He laughs and says that even in kindergarten he liked a girl in his class, because she grew up to be very cute. Now mature, Ekin considers selecting a girlfriend inside is most important. His ideal wife would together with him enjoy activity. If I unexpectedly want to go outside travel it would be best if she could accompany me. Ekin considers marriage to be a sacred and romantic thing and in addition is the business of only two people so when he wants to do so he will go and do so. If need to prepare the whole year the ability to get married then it has no interest. In the past he publicly declared he would take care of Maggie Sui, to say this in front of so many people took a lot of courage and because of this a lot of people liked him. After they split up Ekin also found that many people loathed him. Ekin doesn’t regret what he said because at that time he really did feel he wanted to stay with her for eternity. However finally this didn’t happen.

Discussing his recent news Ekin talked about playing badminton with Yoyo Mung. Because we are teammates, each week we make an appointment to go and play badminton. It is a very common thing. I am merely concerned with what color badminton racquet to play with. Don’t use develop feelings choice of words, actually with regard to my feelings in the past I have consistently been very honest. However now the media is too frightening, I don’t want them to misrepresent my words and cause people near me to get hurt. I want to protect them and myself.

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