Ekin Cheng’s Completed Fresh Look

Recently Ekin has completely changed his look, cutting his hair very very short. Ekin is satisfied and everyone thinks the result is OK.

After I cut my hair, the feeling was very special. At the beginning when I got out of bed really not used to it and my head felt very cool. However, now used to it , it feels very comfortable. Early on I had heard some older people say that if you cut long hair very short afterwards could get sick. At first I laughed at this kind of talk, but who knew that three days after cutting my hair I would really get sick. Sometimes I really want to believe what the elderly have to say.

In this regard Ekin continually asks advice from other friends who have shaved heads, such as Meter Chen, In particular he wanted to know how to protect his scalp. Meter told him to wear a hat. The result of this was that for his birthday each of his colleagues gave him a hats as birthday presents.

His friends have teased him that because he often plays badminton with Yoyo, the healthy effects of playing have changed and he gets sick. Ekin pursued them for revenge.

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