Ekin Cheng Talked about his Character in “Heavenly Mission”

Ekin together with James Yuen, Carl Wu and Feng Ping were in Guangzhou to publicize Heavenly Mission. They accepted interviews from the media. This movie will go on general release on November 17, 2006. Ekin was at great pains to emphasize that his role in this movie is not the same as Chan Huo Nam in Young and Dangerous. In the movie his name is ?? and it is a more mature type of gangster at the beginning of the movie. Ekin together with director and the producer of this movie decided how the role would be developed. It is six years since the last of the Young and Dangerous series Born to Be King and in this movie again has a gangster theme. Ekin said this time the audience will come across an older man. It is not Chan Huo Nam.

Regarding Ekin’s change of style, Ekin indicated that his age changes, his mentality to some extent changes so obviously the roles have to change too. However ?? is still a hero. Ekin was also full of praise for his co star ???.

James Yuen also said that the movie was about a person trying to change his life and that was where his interest lay, because the people around him will have varying reactions. He said that he required Ekin to act a little dull, because his character has been in prison for eight years. So it doesn’t resemble the impetuous Chan Huo Nam. He went on to say that as the police officer Alex Fong’s role was brutal and cruel, while Stephen’s role represented the way Ekin’s character would have been in the past. The world changes, therefore every person’s fate changes. only a heavenly mission can redeem them. As to the triad background, James Yuen was cautious, explaining that the story was of changing ones life, not being a gangster.

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