Ekin Cheng & Jordan Chan Interviewed by The Beijing News

Jodan and Ekin have collaborated a number of times over the last ten years. Their first collaboration was in 1996 in the first of the Young and Dangerous series. They were both interviewed The Beijing News.

???: 1996 was the first time you collaborated?

Jordan: Correct, I was only 23 years old.

???: How do you feel the you have changed?

Ekin: He’s still handsome, but a little fat.

Jordan: Still handsome but on the decline, yes or no?

???: What about Ekin?

Jordan: He is mature. He keeps every girlfriend a long time. This I want to study. I think we both don’t have much contact in Hong Kong. Filming in Beijing, everyday we eat together. In Hong Kong it is unlikely in a year we will get together for a meal. Filming here our friendship has become closer and much wider. it is difficult to use language to explain this. If is a woman then..

???: You have known each other a long time, what is your deepest impression of each other.

Jordan: He swindles me. Swindle me to go to his record company. After the deception then he ran. He at the outset said, " That record company very good. I am also there!" I said " really" so I go there, then after two months he says, " I’m leaving, bye bye." I said " You’re doing what?" he said "my contract is finished."

Ekin: After Jordan came in, my boss then no longer like me.

Jordan laughing: Contract finished, Ekin must want to leave, After he left.

Ekin in a low voice: Don’t explain names, too sensitive ha! ha!

Jordan: Anyway is go to a Hong Kong very remarkable entertainment world kingdom. So this is how I was swindled.

Ekin: I didn’t swindle you. You still had the chance to sing. I lost.

Jordan: You are just not singing that’s all.

???: Ekin what is your deepest impression of Jordan.

Ekin: Jordan’s mother just left that time I felt I myself resembled a family member leaving. I always remember that expression in his eyes. He is a very good son. There are a few unhappy things leave deep impressions. Then I also help his inability to cope, merely met him and with him said when you want talk with me can talk. These things are unforgettable.

???: Heavenly Mission just opened on the mainland. Our paper has investigated and finds that 70% of the audience think it compares with Young and Dangerous. Your acting skill has progressed.

Ekin: Very happy to hear others say I have progressed. I am not a clever actor, I merely do my best to do well in each thing take past experiences. I hope everyone can continue to support Hong Kong movies. We are movie actors, we have already walked a long way. Hope we can continue, because movies are our life.

???: You collaborated for a long time. is there a time when you haven’t a unanimous opinion and argued.

Jordan: Recognize for many years haven’t argued before. When opinions not the same then face to face explain. If I persist, he feels shouldn’t this way I will definitely go and tell him he doesn’t make sense. Then afterwards I will continue to insist on my opinion. Collaboration requires a give and take communication. If each has different opinion insisting on then not take any notice of reason. In that case it is impossible to accomplish anything. Regarding Ekin’s opinion I really will think, we both are individuals but is not for the sake of rush to grab the scene is for the sake of having a good collaboration. There are a few actors who rush to grab the scene. This is not the kind of mentality you want. Ekin and I have never been like this. This scene is explain you, that give you, it doesn’t matter.

???: After ten years now what are your plans?

Jordan: want to do behind the scenes work. I am interested in doing a stage drama. Also I am unlikely to give up TV dramas. If I have the chance then work as a director, that I also want to try.

Ekin: My ideas are very similar to Jordan’s also hope can work behind the scenes. I hope actors can enjoy this job, seems like Jordan finds me playing games. A new game came, everybody together play. I have seen many actors from leading roles slowly change to supporting roles, finally become an average performer. This process I will gradually enjoy. I still hope to learn many things.

???: Recently were the movie awards have you thought of which category you want to win?

Jordan: I remember when I first began. My Shifu was one of the Yuan brothers. he told me that it was most important never to give up because one day it would be your turn. he told me about his father. He made many movies but it wasn’t until he was was 80 years old when he worked on Jackie Chan’s " Drunken Fist" it was only then that he finally got his award. I have always remembered his words. One day it will be your turn.

???: Regarding Ekin’s new developing love affair, the media has pursued both of you relentlessly

Ekin: It seems that entertainment itself still has a lot of value. Your marriage write about possibly the audience will like. Hong Kong’s entertainment circle changed a lot. There are many not so good things happen. When I do interviews I will tell myself merely one side give everyone to see. For example, the secret filming. I will tell the next generation about this kind of encounter, because then they may have a chance to sense this happening. Arbitrary taking pictures he wants to know that will from both sides see.

????: How do you deal with the Hong Kong media’s style of reporting?

Ekin: It is merely the entertainment circle that is like this. People like to read about actors ugly side.

Jordan: Hong Kong is comparatively serious.

????: Then you use what methods to respond?

Ekin: I feel Jordan does this well. He confronts them, not their business, very honest. Possible there are some people who think he is rude to the media, but I think he handles them very well. He is indeed this kind of person. Jordan and I are the same. Actors work is to play a role, this is not equal to themselves. I confront things from two points of view: like with not like. If like, then I can casually explain, if I don’t like, then I am unlikely to explain anything.

Jordan: I don’t need to confront them. It’s very simple. Just say, today you interview me. You ask me a question. I finish talking. The newspaper is published, I am unlikely to read because the writing is in your hands. See it do what? Hong Kong’s 8 weekly magazine, I read, haven’t any profit "Him and her are together" Who is who’s partner? Ah! Really? my face is " Hm Hm" " ha! ha!" if I want to explain then I will directly say what is my relationship. Want to ask, then ask them not to involve my parents or friends.

Ten years before Young and Dangerous let us remember Chan Huo Nam and Sangai. Remember dyed hair, carry a bag holding knives, scolding words, young triad members.

Now Ekin steadily resembles Yuan Huo Jia, cautious, modest, think deeply, mature.

Jordan loudly talks, makes jokes, expresses himself through action.

This entire cover story has been a process. Ekin will sometimes use his arm or elbow to poke Jordan In a low voice tell him " Don’t say this not want to explain."

My final question was that if the Hong Kong media is friendly was the mainland media even more friendly Jordan saying nothing just extended his hand, while Ekin still in his seat thought whether answer my question.

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