Ekin Cheng busy promoting his new movie “Heavenly Mission”,

Ekin is currently busy promoting his new movie Heavenly Mission, however neither Stephen Fung nor Alex Fong have been seen. . Heaven Mission is about to be released on November 17, 2006, however to date only Ekin and Niki have been seen at the publicity events. Originally a 5 day various place publicity event was planned, but because 3 of the actors fail to appear, it has been cancelled. The BMA boss said that the fact that the other actors have not worked on the promotions will weaken the power of the movie. Resentfully he added that a company needs help to promote a movie. He said that the movie had consumed a lot of manpower and resources, and this is the final step.

Stephen’s company spokesperson indicated that Stephen will certainly attend next month’s premiere. Alex Fong is currently filming in France. He said that because of work he has have to give up work on promotion of this movie.

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