Ekin Cheng Attended Neighborhood Association 2006 Charity walk

Today Ekin in his capacity as a ambassador for the Neighborhood Association attended their 2006 Charity walk. This is his second year as ambassador for the Association. Ekin is busy filming the mainland drama Huo Yuanjia and only last night returned to Hong Kong in order to attend this event. He will be returning early tomorrow to continue with filming. Reporters wanted to know whether he would have time to see his girlfriend Yoyo Mung, Ekin said that he didn’t even have time to see his family. Ekin said it was very cold in Beijing so he was seizing this chance to buy some cold weather clothes. Ekin said that filming would last until at least Chinese New Year. As to returning home for Christmas, he is hoping might be filming in Shanghai at that time, then perhaps can find time to fly home for a little while. Ekin signed autographs for some of his fans who are mentally challenged.

Reporters asked him his opinion of the recent incident concerning Yumiko. Ekin said . He had read the report. Because there is so much technology it is difficult to stop such a thing being posted on the internet. So you only have yourself to make good the accomplishment.

Regarding the break in at Niki’s home Ekin heard about it from his manager. He feels that Hong Kong should be law abiding, although there were gray areas, but this was a moral question. He fails to understand the profit in injuring someone this way. At least Hong Kong has laws, and Niki will prosecute if the people can be found. Ekin sighed and said Hong Kong is a literate society, many people study very much, yet still these kind of things happen.

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