Ekin Cheng Arrived at Beijing for Filming New Drama “???”

Yesterday Ekin, accompanied by his manager, and dressed in black and sporting a black hat over his recently shaved head arrived in Beijing Airport. A large number of fans were waiting for him at the airport to see his new look. As soon as they recognized him they pursued him and for a while there was chaos in the airport. Ekin’s staff had to protect him so her could get away.

Reporters asked how he would cope with the Beijing weather as he has just shaved his head. Was he worried about how he would protect his head? Ekin explained that he has already prepared for the weather, and also he brought every kind of hat, so no problem.

Ekin is planning to remain in the capital for a few days. It is a special trip for the new drama ????? to officially decide on the clothing for the drama. Even though Ekin’s party was tired from the trip they immediately went to dinner with the drama ‘s personnel. On November 6, 2006 filming will start at the Hukou Waterfall on the Yellow River.

The director compared his new edition of this story with both the older television edition and also Jet Li’s recent movie. In this they will explore the relationship between Hua Yuan Jia and Chen Zhen. Because the organizing group insisted that heads be shaved before performing some choices of actor were frightened away. Ekin has removed his more than ten years if long hair for this role and temporarily he to had had difficulty to accept it. He had to gradually make the change over a period of time. Ekin said that he had to do it this way to allow his mind to accept it. I wanted to be involved because the script is very extraordinary. He feels that this role will be a great challenge. The drama personnel have given Ekin a lot of background regarding the character and his personality. He also has to pay careful attention to the martial art style he created. Ekin, although not a specialist, does have a martial arts background and his movements are very good, therefore he believes he can be qualified for this role.

As to the theme music for the drama, reporters wanted to know whether the old music would be used or whether either Jordan or Ekin would record a new theme song. The director indicated that at the moment no decisions have been made regarding this.

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