Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan Collaborating Again on a Drama

Ekin will play national hero ???. After ten years, Ekin’s old friend Jordan Chan will also collaborate with him on this drama playing ??. In the drama they will start out as enemies and then become friends. For the performance they will need to shave their heads. Jordan laughed and said he would cut his long hair for Ekin, because he really wants to do this drama and work with Ekin again, so it is not necessary to make a fuss. He acknowledged that it had been more than ten years since they had collaborated and they had never worked together on a television drama. Jordan said that he was very excited at the prospect, and he was looking forward to working with Ekin again. The last movie they worked together on was Hot War. In that movie they were special fighters, but this time it will be Jing Wu style Chinese Kung Fu.

Jordan of course couldn’t resist making fun of Ekin and his new girlfriend Yoyo. They will be filming in Shanghai from the end of the month, so Jordan said he had chosen an exquisite badminton racquet to bring to Shanghai, so when they have free time he can have a feeling communication with Ekin. If Ekin brings Yoyo to Shanghai, then he will single handedly play them both.

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