Ekin Cheng also Setting Out for Tokyo to Attend Madonna’s Concert

Yesterday morning Ekin set out for Tokyo to attend Madonna’s concert. Other celebrities also went including Gigi. Ekin left Hong Kong earlier to avoid seeing Gigi, and traveled on a different airline. During July when Ekin was filming in Thailand, Gigi and her mother appeared at the same place, however at that time they did not encounter one another. Last night Gigi and Ekin both had tickets for the same concert. However, even though Ekin’s flight was late and so arrived in Tokyo before Gigi, but they did bump into one another in Tokyo airport. Ekin courteously and politely gave her an ordinary greeting, but said nothing more. Both of them of course had months ago separately planned to attend the concert, as tickets sold out in June.

Yoyo had to suffer reporters questions. She was asked why she wasn’t going, she said she didn’t have time, she was busy filming a TVB drama. When asked about Ekin and Gigi in Tokyo at the same time she refused to answer.

Sources: Mingpao, Orisun, Apple daily

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