EEG Wants Raymond Lam!

Earlier, someone saw the TVB executive Stephen Chan having "Be My Guest" at the Peninsula Hotel. The guest was Raymond Lam, along with Virginia Lok, and the EEG executive Ng Yu. That day they were at the hotel for about 2 hours, what were they talking about?

Fung Yun Chiu heard that EEG wants Raymond Lam and promote him as a singer, because lately the male singers are not doing too well, Nicholas Tse, Deep Ng, Don Li, Kenny Kwan and Sun Boy’Z, don’t need to mention how bad they are. Since the male singers are not doing well, they might as well find someone else to help them.

Raymond Lam sings and dance pretty well, plus he is the main lead for the grand production, "The Legendary Era", if EEG does sign contract with him, then it helps the relationship between TVB and EEG. No wonder EEG is always suggesting TVB to sign the contract like a creditor. Rumors are spreading that TVB already signed the singer’s contract with EEG, but of course TVB will not let Raymond sign the management contract.

Currently, Raymond is busy filming "The Legendary Era". The afternoon two days before, he was filming with Charmaine Sheh, and the scene talked about how Charmaine nearly hit him. It seems like Raymond trusts Charmaine’s driving skills and walked into the middle of the road without being scared, and was very professional.

Raymond Lam signing EEG, whether if he’s going to famous in singing or not, we’ll have to see. However, his best buddy Ron Ng is not as lucky as him, because his dancing and singing skills are bad, and didn’t zip his pants before performing. His music company BMA was extremely embarassed and ended his contract. At first Bosco Wong was going to sign BMA last year, but because of Ron Ng, BMA didn’t want to sign contracts anymore.

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