EEG downsizing?

Joey Yung yesterday made an appearance at Mong Kok’s Grand Century Place to promote MIOGGI Hex Magic products as the image person of the new beauty line. Takuya Suzuki was supposed to be the male model at the event but because he could not make it, he was replaced by another model. Rumours have arisen regarding the sudden change of models with some blaming Takuya’s bad image as the cause, while others believe the company wanted to use an average model. It is also believed that Takuya found he had other commitments just before the event started.

Regarding news of EEG downsizing by firing employees, Joey expressed that she has not heard about it. But the singer believes that her management company is not the only business taking such actions, stating that with the current downturn in album sales, it is inevitable. When asked if she will protect her younger colleagues from being fired, Joey said that there is nothing to worry about if you work well.

There have been allegations that Gillian Chung has negatively affected the company. About this issue, Joey commented, “Every person is an individual who has power to be not be affected by others.” When asked if budgets have been tightened, Joey expressed that from her knowledge, budgets have always been tight. In regards to all the negative press surrounding EEG pointing to Gillian, Joey immediately fought back, saying, “This is not her fault. I hope people can let go of their useless prejudice and give this person, who is very serious about her work, a chance.”

In relation to the rumours of Gillian working on a Western movie, Joey believes it is a good thing. The singer revealed that she has been in contact with Gillian and knows that Gillian has not been lazing around, instead she is working hard on preparation.

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