Edison Chen’s New Target: Vincy Yeung

26-year-old Edison Chen, having the wealth and looks, has been busy with his career lately. His film, ‘Dog Bite Dog’, has had its premiere, and he is also entering Hollywood by filming ‘The Grudge 2’ and being the male lead. As everyone feels that Edison is putting all of his mind onto his career, we find that his love life is even more exciting. His queen changing, abandoning Maggie Q, taking Vincy Yeung.

Vincy Yeung is Albert Yeung’s brother’s daughter. Still being in school, she has just spent a sweet summer of 2006 with Edison. Being his girlfriend, Edison expresses his love online. Carvings and flowers, he sure has plans.

Edison has many girlfriends, which include Bobo Chan and Maggie Q. Even Jolin Tsai, 2R’s Rosanne Wong, and Stephy Tang became his targets. One cannot have too many girlfriends. His newest target, Edison has successfully gotten together with the daughter of the prior president of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Vincy Yeung.

During this summer, there previously had been photos of Edison and a young girl shopping taken by the media. From sources, this young girl is Albert Yeung’s niece, Vincy. Vincy goes to an international school and keeps a low profile with her life. Up until now, she only appeared on the front page when going out to dinners with her family. The two of them are within the stage of passionate love; as their sentiment get stronger, Edison held Vincy’s hand, and the two went to Causeway Bay for Japanese food, disregarding passer-bys. Afterwards, they even drove to Kowloon Peak. Because school has recently started for Vincy, her times of meeting Edison have decreased.

During the prior month, Edison was seen twice near midnight, driving his car and escorting Vincy back to her home at Kowloon Peak. The prior time that the media have photographed him in the same car is when he was escorting 2R’s Rosanne Wong back to her home at Robinson Road. We can see that Edison doesn’t mind being a driver when he’s with his girls. His love also cannot be blocked; on his blog, he has numerously expressed his love towards ‘V’. ‘V’ obviously refers to Vincy. On his blog, he frequently writes about ‘V’. He gives her flowers, expresses his love through photos, and hopes to taste the luxuries of Japanese foods with her. The blog is full of love and sentiment.

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