Edison Chen Featured in People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” List

Edison Chen Koon Hei is experiencing success both in his love life and career. In the USA’s People Magazine, Edison was featured on their "Sexiest Man Alive" list! Attracting both Asian and Western audiences, Edison proclaims that he doesn’t know which aspect of him is considered sexy.

Other male celebrities featured in the "Sexiest Man Alive" edition include George Clooney, Justin Timerlake, etc. Edison was featured in the top 10 newcomers category (first time being included on the "Sexiest" list). Included in this newcomer list include the 7 actors from US TV show "Heroes" and Jay Hernandez from the movie, "Ladder 49."

In People magazine’s biosketch, Edison was credited as an actor, rapper, fashion designer, and multi-talented Asian superstar.

The article also mentioned that due to Edison’s performance in horror movie, "The Grudge 2" and collaboration with singer Kanye West, he successfully made a name for himself in the United States.

People magazine has published its "Sexiest Man Alive" annual feature for more than 20 years and has been the benchmark in determining the sexiest male celebrities across the world. In 2000, Tony Leung Chiu Wai was featured in the "Sexiest" list due to his movie, "In the Mood for Love."

Edison accepted an interview with the Sun newspaper yesterday. Through a friend in the United States, Edison already knew one week in advance that he would be featured in the "Sexiest" list. People magazine had also been in contact with him.

"After ‘The Grudge 2’ was released, I was included in the ‘Sexiest’ list, of course I am excited! However, I really don’t find myself to be sexy and don’t know which part of me can be considered sexy. If you have confidence, then you will be sexy!"

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