Edison Chen ‘falls out’ with record label, but continues dating its CEO’s niece

EDISON Chen is in a pretty delicate situation these days. He has just parted ways with his former record label, Emperor Entertainment Group Music (EEG), and set up his own multimedia production company, Clot Media Division. Edison had reportedly hinted to reporters at unhappiness over EEG’s cut of his earnings. It was a brave revelation considering how he is also currently dating Vincy Yeung, the 19-year-old niece of his former boss, EEG CEO Alfred Yeung. But in an e-mail interview with The New Paper, Edison smoothed over the issue. ‘There’s no problem at all. Everything’s fine,’ he wrote.

But we all know how bluntly honest Edison can be.

True to his cool nature, he didn’t think he was going against the grain by coming clean about his relationship. He told Singtao Daily that he would marry Vincy once he has made his first US$20million ($30.6m). He said: ‘I’ve always been myself, I’ve never purposely hid or disclosed details of my private life. Anyway, it’s very normal to have a girlfriend, isn’t it?’

Of course, considering how the 27-year-old has never been short of female attention.


While the actor was filming his first period action drama, The Eight Heroes in China, there were reports that fans camped outside his hotel room. Edison was reportedly so harassed that he had to switch rooms with The Eight Heroes director Wong Jing. But Edison claimed: ‘I was never disturbed during my rest time. The hotel handled the situation very well.’ He added that the fans were mostly well-behaved, and only asked for autographs or photos with him. ‘I try to accede to their requests whenever I can.’

In the TV series, which is currently showing over VV Drama (StarHub Ch 55) on weekdays at 7pm, Edison takes on the role of a young punk who is inducted into a band of patriotic pugilists who fight against a corrupt leader. He took on the role mainly because of his godfather, Anthony Wong. Anthony stars as the highly-skilled leader of the band in the show.

Edison said: ‘Anthony is my mentor. He taught me what acting is all about… but of course, another reason is because (his management company) MediaAsia invested in the drama! Ha!’ And it was probably just as well that Edison’s packed schedule allowed him to appear only in five episodes as he has no gongfu background.

‘It’s a good thing that my character is not very highly-skilled. And most of the time, I had stand-ins for the action scenes.’

But acting will have to take a back seat for a while, now that he has his own company and is looking forward to releasing a new Mandarin album under his own label. US rap star Kanye West is supposedly producing some songs for the album too.

And Edison couldn’t resist one last jibe at his former company. ‘Because of contractual problems with my previous label, (my album) has been in storage for a while. But now that I have my own company, I have a lot more flexibillity in terms of time and freedom (to do what I want).’

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