Edison Chen (陳冠希) and Cammi Tse (謝芷蕙)

The net are now getting flooded with articles of Edison Chen and Cammi Tse. I believe most of you have heard and know who Edison Chen is, the famous celebrity whom scandals photo got exploited through his pc. His leaked photos have scenes with Gillian Chung (One of the celebrity of TWINS), Bobo Chan, Rachel Ngan and Cecilia Cheung. The incident happened back on February 2008.

After more than 3 year, now there is another news cropping up on Edison Chen. His new tabloid, “Edison Chen dating barely legal 16 years old model Cammi Tse”, is in the headlines around the net. Who is this Cammi Tse? She’s no stranger on Facebook. She have a blog hosted on Xanga. I manage to visit her profile page and here’s the copied profile:

Name: ★`芷蕙;
Birthday: 3/18/1995
Gender: Female

In case you want to watch her lively face instead of pictures, here’s a short clip:

A photo of her:


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