Eason Responds To Rumors Regarding JSG Male Award

n the past year, Eason Chan has had a successful music career with everyone recognizing that he is a skilled vocalist. But there have been reports that say because he openly "dissed" TVB and because Paco Wong (Gold Label Manager) has been hard at work pushing for Leo Ku to win both Favorite Male Singer and Song of the Year at TVB’s JSG, the awards are now said to be Leo’s to take.

Yesterday, Eason, Gigi Leung, Justin, Hins Cheung, and Khail Fong attended "RTHK 29th Annual Music Awards’" function where they voted for their opinion of this year’s Top 10 Songs, Newcomer Award, and Favorite Mandarin song. With recent rumors circulating that Eason’s chances at TVB’s major awards are slim, it is said that Eason is now focusing on RTHK’s awards. "Evidence" that proves Eason is now focusing on RTHK’s awards is at this function, Eason was seated next to RTHK top executive, Lee Joi Tong (???) and throughout the function, the two were constantly talking and laughing. When asked about the 92 nominated songs, Mr. Lee only mentioned Eason’s ???? and ????.

Eason expressed that he hasn’t had time to listen to other artists’ songs so he voted for 2 of his own songs, ???? and ????, he voted for his own songs because they are not just his songs. They belong and represent every behind-the-scenes crew who worked on the song and each crew member worked very hard on each song. Eason was asked regarding Mr. Lee’s response, mentioning only Eason’s songs when asked about all 92 songs, Eason says, maybe Mr. Lee is familar with these 2 songs and he was only asked about 2 songs so he mentioned them, it is nothing more than that.

Recent reports point out that Eason openly "dissed" TVB and because Paco Wong is working hard pushing for Leo to win both major awards at TVB, that Leo will be the winner of both awards. Regarding this rumor, Eason was asked if he thought it was true. Eason immediately says that he does not believe the rumors are true. He also says, just because he accidently said something he was not supposed to, he will not in turn suspect an organization’s decision making for awards and he will not believe it will change an organization’s standards for awarding music. Eason was then asked that he says [the "dissing"] was an accidental slip but [TVB] may feel otherwise. Eason admits that he says the wrong things at the wrong time and says, "It doesn’t matter and I will not purpose explain to TVB executives." He also expresses that he will be careful of what he says and will try to control his temper. He also says that he will talk less and sing more.

Eason was further asked if the rumors turn out to be true will he find it regretful? He responds, he does not believe it will happen, afterall, music awards are centered on music, if it were centered on something he said, then it wouldn’t be called a ‘music award.’ He was then asked if he has confidence in winning any of the major awards from TVB, he says, he is not thinking about it too much because he has other work to do. Today was the first day of shooting his new film so in the next two months he will be busy promoting his songs and filming but he says that he will attend every music award ceremony, fulfilling his duty as a singer.

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