Eason in coffin for Rewind Life

Eason’s music video ” Rewind Life” 倒帶人生 was directed by his good friend Stephen Fung. At the end of the MV, it depicts Eason, dressed as “count dracular” lying inside a coffin surrounded by white candles. Vivian Tsui, a cool black widow was by his side. Stephen was appeared in the MV as a clown. Eason will be going to Taiwan again to promote ‘Don’t Want To Let Go” 不想放手.

The music video is schedule to be released in July (lunar calender). Reporter asked him what does he think about this weird ghostly MV, which is totally against the traditional style of the music video, Eason responded “I fully respected the director’s artistic talents.” Speaking of Vivian Tsui who visited the recording studio while Stephen was filming, Eason responded ” I am innocent.”

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