Eason Chan’s Moving On Stage 1

A press conference was held yesterday to announce another 2 shows will be added on November 9th and 10th, to Eason Chan’s Moving On Stage 1 concerts. All proceeds from these 2 shows, minus expenditures, will go towards funding the 5th East Asian Games, held in Hong Kong in 2009. Tickets will be available for sale beginning Wednesday October 17th. During the press conference, Eason Chan and the East Asian Games organizing committee President Timothy Fok played a friendly game of ping pong.

Eason says no additional shows will be added, saying “Do you think I’m Andy Lau, who holds an average of 20 shows a year? Lets leave some room for the younger generation [of singers] to improve on. Fifteen shows is already pushing my body’s limit.” Aside from raising funds for the 2009 East Asian Games, Eason hopes he can write the theme song for the 2009 East Asian Games to show his support.

Earlier, Eason showed up at Miriam Yeung’s All About Love concert and jumped 2 meters (over 6 feet) down to get onto the stage. Eason was asked if wife Hilary Tsui scolded him afterwards, he responds “She didn’t say anything afterwards, but the concert security scolded me. Miriam and I are good friends so [the danger] did not cross my mind. I was confident that I would be able to jump that length, otherwise, I wouldn’t have done it.”

Elsewhere, earlier in the year, Eason spent 5 days in Sichuan visiting local citizens with eye diseases. Eason realized many those citizens have misunderstandings about eye diseases, which led to many missed opportunities. Eason remembers “There was a 60 year old man who’s sight was deteriorating and did not get help in time. He eventually lost his sight and lost his ability to work. There were no lights in his house because there was no need for them. He relied on a monthly 100 RMB from the government to live.” He also heart-achingly remembers a mother and daughter who both lost their sight because they did not have the money to treat their vision.

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