Eason Chan, Wife, and Daughter Go To Disney Land

Yesterday at 11 in the afternoon, Eason Chan along with wife, Hilary Tsui and daughter, Constance Chan went to Disney Land, where mom and dad spent the day on rides and taking pictures with little Constance.

Eason As Special Guest
Eason was invited as a special guest to Disney Land where he and his family received guest treatment. As special guests, they received security guard’s protection, upon park arrangments they did not have to wait on line for rides, they went around the park on special paths, and they did not have to wait on line to take pictures with Disney characters.

Daughter Is In Charge
During their time in Disney Land, Constance wanted a piggy back ride and she got a piggy back ride on Eason’s back. After her piggy back ride, she constantly wanted to ride the Merry-Go-Round and Dumbo the Flying Elephant, and as parents, Eason and Hilary went on every ride she wanted. After many rides Constance was not done, so Eason and Hilary continued to ride with their daughter, and the family of 3 was extremely happy. While on the Merry-Go-Round, little Constance was pointing left and right instructing mommy where to sit, and her actions created a funny scene.

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