Eason Chan vs. Leo Ku 2006

The 2006 TVB Jade Solid Gold Favorite Male Singer award went to Eason Chan. After considering every aspect of this year, there is no arguing that this was the correct decision.

At the 2006 TVB Jade Solid Gold Music Awards all eyes were on the Favorite Male Singer award. Eason Chan who has the credentials and Leo Ku who has the songs certainly do not make it easy for each music award. Since Jacky Cheung, looking at the Hong Kong music industry as a whole, only Eason Chan is suitable for passing on the "God of Songs" baton to.

Justin Lo has been promoted for the past 2 years, and probably because his promoting has been rushed he hasn’t had time to signify his songs.

Not only can Eason Chan sing, he also cares very much about the development of the Hong Kong music industry and is very active in helping. He is present in the production and development of his albums; he seeks innovations; whether it is composition or lyrics, he is looking to toss out the old and bring in the new in order to avoid the boring; and because of these factors, the response is not always ideal.

Music critics support Eason’s innovations, but most listeners simply want to listen to songs and don’t care about everything else.

Leo Ku returned to the Hong Kong music industry two years ago when the industry was apparently lacking in skilled male singers. At the same time, Eason was going through a company change. Leo fulfilled the industry’s hole. Leo has the songs, but his image is on the safe side. His image is a cartoon lover and a big kid that likes to sing, which lacks a mature side.

In an industry where things are ever-changing, it needs a star who can hold it up. For a man heading into his middle ages, Leo should consider changing his image from a child to a responsible adult.

Justin’s weapon is that he can spread his music into Leo’s market. Leo is lucky to have such great songs this year and might even end up winning the Four Stages Joint Grand Media Award. His story is similar to the story of "Casino Royale" (????) at Christmas, the may not have opened at #1, but by the end of the year the ticket sales are #1.

Good songs are hard to come by. Can Leo Ku rely on good songs again in 2007?

The Hong Kong music industry put its hopes on Eason Chan’s shoulders. The pressure on Eason is seemingly greater than Leo’s.

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